My mission is to help people increase the probability of their ideas turning into significant things.

An idea is just an idea until you do something with it. .

If you do something with it and you are brave enough, consistent enough and have the capability to execute your ideas, it might just become something significant.

Significant things have the power to shape a better tomorrow.

The more significant things we do and achieve today, the better tomorrow will be. Just imagine what we could do if we increased the probability of ideas turning into significant outcomes?

To achieve this mission, I strive to impact and shape peoples thinking, ideas, decisions and actions.

To do this, I focus on helping people with 3 strategic jobs:

  1. Opportunity
  2. Probability
  3. Strategy


Not all opportunities are equal, some increase your probability of success. I have a range of offerings that will help you find, define and understand viable strategic opportunities.

  1. Actionable Intelligence

  2. Opportunity Analysis and mapping

  3. Strategic Dialogues

  4. Strategic Audits

  5. Machine learning drivenĀ semiotic analysis


I have a series of offerings designed to help you stress test and improve our strategic thinking, reasoning and decision making – accordingly increasing the probability of a significant outcomes.

  1. Strategic Games
  2. Developing unique, creative andĀ doable strategic alternatives
  3. Complex Strategic Decision Making
  4. Red Teaming/ Stress Testing of Ideas, strategies and thinking
  5. Prescriptive & Predictive data services
  6. Complex Problem Solving
  7. Sticky Narratives


I offer a spectrum of strategy engineering services and solutions that will enable you to develop a robust, viable and feasible strategy to take your company forward

  1. Strategy Engineering
  2. SMME Strategy Programme: What do you need to win.
  3. Resilience Focused Strategic Leadership Programme
  4. Rethink Your Brand Strategy
  5. Behaviour Change design

I am constantly searching for, learning and creating new ways to increase the probability of significant things.